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BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder with Micellar Casein, Chocolate Milk Protein Isolate Powder, Chocolate Milkshake, 97 Servings (Package May Vary)

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About this item

BSN SYNTHA-6 IS RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS: We broke through the taste barrier once and for all. Choose from a wide range of protein powder flavors that deliver an unbeatable milkshake-like experience.
BSN PROTEIN MATRIX: 22g of premium protein from whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, and egg albumin
10g OF ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS: Additional support for your nutrition and fitness goals
ANYTIME PROTEIN: Mix up your protein drink and enjoy post workout, between meals, as a snack, or as a treat
HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN POWDER: Helps you reap the benefits of every training session by meeting your protein needs for muscle building and maintenance
SERVING SIZE: 47g (1 SCOOP): 190-200 calories and just 2-3g of sugar per serving depending on flavor

manufacturerGlanbia Performance Nutrition
product_dimensions11 x 5 x 17.75 inches; 10.05 Pounds
date_first_availableJanuary 10, 2013

  • troy staten

    This is the best tasting protein on the market. I've been using this protein going on 6yrs! No lumping or aftertaste. Great results and good to mix in smoothies

  • Oliver

    As mentioned in the headline this protein powder is good tasting, easy to blend and good quality. There is nothing bad to mention about it. Therefore it gets 5 stars easy.

  • BuffBass

    This protein powder tastes, amazing. It also mixes very well.

  • A&J

    I have used many different protein powders over the last few years and the biggest complaint I have with most powders is the way they taste. Out of the many I had tried for years, I finally had settled on ON Whey Gold and it was OK, but I didn't love it and so I didn't drink it as much as I should have when working out. Also, it did cause gas issues, a common side affect of many protein shakes, and also the aftertaste wasn't bad, but nothing to be happy about either. The price was great on it as well, and so I just settled on it.Finally, after reading reviews about Syntha-6 online and having friends tell me about it, I gave it a shot and it is AMAZING!!!!! I only drink chocolate flavored protein shakes and this one is creamy and rich and so delicious that it doesn't even seem like you are drinking a protein shake. Also, it has 6 different kinds of protein sources, hence the name, and I like that so I get fast and slow digesting proteins at once, which is much better for overall muscle growth. In addition to that, and most important I think, is that it has digestive enzymes and also 5 grams of fiber per scoop. That helps so much in preventing bloating, gas, and even constipation. I know that may gross some people out, but for anyone drinking a few shakes a day, it is very important.The shake is a touch sweeter and I like that as well, and it is a good dessert as well. It has 22 grams of protein per scoop and mixed with 8 oz of milk, a perfect 30 gram shake that can be taken anytime during the day, or multiple times throughout the day.The cons: I wish it had more BCAA's, but from the powder form I buy of that, I know why they don't add extra in and that is because it would make it really chalky. Also, for the protein percent per scoop, it isn't as high as ON Whey or some others, but the mix of proteins compared to just straight whey is a better trade off I think.Pro and Con: The cost is a bit more to a lot more depending on sales and per scoop right now without any sales or coupons or other promos, it about a $1 per scoop where I could get ON Whey at about $0.50 per scoop. So yes, double the price, but when you realize that this is something much more enjoyable and that taste is just as important, than it justifies the cost. At best I could do 2-3 scoops of ON Whey Gold per day for a few weeks, but with this, I easily do double scoops after workouts and before bed, and another scoop upon waking and another as a snack, so about 6 scoops a day without ever getting tired of it. That is 180 grams of protein, plus 30 grams of fiber. I usually don't get that much fiber from my mostly meat diet otherwise, and as someone trying to get 250-300 grams of protein a day, this has helped out so much.Even if your just looking for a shake in the morning for breakfast, this is great as it has about 200 calories and when mixed with milk and then a piece of fruit or a small granola bar or other breakfast item, it is a great 400-500 calorie meal that is better than any fast food pickup you can make.I already recommend this to so many of my friends, and I will do the same for you as well***** Bonus Points **********I wanted to try different flavors of Syntha-6 and wanted to order trial kits of different flavors to try before buying a whole jug, and the flavors I wanted were out of stock at the time and so I emailed BSN. Within an hour, they responded, asked for my address and sent me a Cookie Dough and Chocolate Cake batter trial packet for free. They were apologetic for not having what I wanted in stock and thanked me for my business still and the two trial packets they sent were not asked for by me, yet delivered for free and I can say it is a joy to deal with great customer service.GO BSN!!!!!!!

  • Juan Eduardo Hernández

    I've been using the BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder for a few weeks now and I must say, it's a high-quality product. The protein content is impressive, and it mixes well with both water and milk, leaving no clumps. The taste is also quite good, not overly sweet like some other protein powders I've tried.The reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the size of the scoop provided. It's quite large and can be a bit difficult to maneuver in a standard shaker bottle. Also, the powder tends to settle at the bottom if not consumed immediately.However, these are minor issues and do not detract from the overall quality of the product. I would definitely recommend BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder to anyone looking for a reliable and tasty protein supplement.

  • Bradley P Hodges

    A good quality protein powder with amazing taste. The Chocolate Milkshake flavor is terrific and I never tire of it. I've been buying BSN Syntha-6 both Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Milk-shake flavors, since 2019...5 years now, and felt I owed BSN a review. Great flavor, great nutrition profile, and thickens nicely. I use this as a meal replacement and a supplement. On gym mornings (and some others) I skip my usual breakfast and drink one of these shakes on my way to work. I blend with milk or water, with ice, usually a half-teaspoon of chia seeds, another half-teaspoon or so of ground flax seed just to supplement the fiber. Sometimes I blend in a tablespoon (heaping) of peanut butter (I prefer chunky). Sometimes I throw in some frozen blueberries or strawberries...yum. I don't think you can go wrong with this stuff. I love it.

  • Huseyn Naghiyev

    Great product

  • Brian Williams

    No complaints. The Taste is very good and mixes well.

  • Isaiah

    I'm not even going to lie, I just got this about an hr ago. So I don't even know how good it works yet. I can tell you though. From the looks, to the smell, to the taste. I honestly don't think it gets any better this this. I drank that thing like it owed me money. I have only had a few others before, because I'm very picky about what I spend money on. I try and find the best of best. After spending about 2 days straight. I came across this. A guy in the comments said to take it over the mass gainer, Which was actually my first target. I'm trying to put on some weight, but also need the extra boost. Mass gainers just make me sick and smell and taste like spoiled powdered milk. Had to throw away the last stuff. I don't think this will even last me a month at that because of how good it is. I'm thinking about a cup right now🤣. Got the cookies and cream and will be trying all the rest as well. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Guy Smith

    My blood cholesterol level had been steadily rising for a few years, despite having a lean diet. When it spiked well over the upper “normal” range, I deeply examined everything I was consuming.This stuff, which is otherwise good, is very high in cholesterol. Take this example:I would use 2 ½ scoops on weightlifting days to get a baseline 55 grams of protein. But that came with 70% of my USDA daily cholesterol. Even eating lean afterwards would easily put me above the recommended limit.Hopefully years of drinking this stuff has done me no harm (neither side of my family has a history of heart disease). But if your family does, seek out alternatives (some available on Amazon have nearly no cholesterol).