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Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Protein Shake, 40g Protein, Whey Blend, 0 Sugar, Gluten Free, 22 Vitamins & Minerals, LABRADA, 17 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

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About this item

GET 40G OF PROTEIN ON-THE-GO: Forget time-consuming meal prep and counting food protein content. With Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake you get a whopping 40g of protein in one tasty drink! Just enjoy your shake and imagine how each creamy, delicious sip will bring you closer to achieving your fitness goals and attaining the lean body of your dreams. Choose between our 8 available flavors – or try them all to find your new, lifelong favorite RTD protein shake!
CURB CRAVINGS: Lean Body Protein Shakes makes you feel fuller for a longer , allowing you to better manage your weight. Packed with protein and fiber, they curb pesky sugar and junk food cravings and keep you on track with maintaining a healthy diet
WELL-ROUNDED MEAL REPLACEMENT WITH 22 VITAMINS & MINERALS: Perfect as a pre- or post-workout snack, our Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake is also a wholesome meal in and of itself! It contains 22 vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to, Vitamin A; Vitamin E; Biotin; Riboflavin; Potassium; Magnesium and Zinc! Our drink is a nutritional powerhouse that helps your body recover from exercise, all while aiding in fighting any deficiencies that might be bringing your energy levels down!
GLUTEN AND SUGAR-FREE PROTEIN DRINK: Our protein shake is formulated without gluten and sugar, making it ideal for those with allergies and food sensitivities. What’s more, contrary to other protein shakes on the market, our drink is also free of soy protein, which studies have shown to be a very controversial food source. So chug away knowing you’ve made the best meal replacement choice with Labrada’s Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake!
LABRADA’S SCIENCE-BACKED SEAL OF QUALITY: With over 20 years of experience in developing advanced sports supplements, we have created an elite product range that is trusted by professional athletes, nutrition specialists and people like you who wish to improve their fitness and dietary regimens. Our strict third-party testing, potent ingredients and exclusive formulas are the reasons for our success, and we are happy to share it with you! Click Add To Cart NOW And Feel The Difference Yourself!

manufacturerLabrada Nutrition
product_dimensions15.5 x 5.75 x 6.75 inches; 14.99 Pounds
date_first_availableApril 28, 2004

  • Derrick B.

    Delicious taste, leaves you feeling nourished and full, great product.

  • Theresa

    Delicious chocolate flavor when ice cold perfect boost in protein

  • Kurt Wolff

    This is the second time I've bought this, the taste is great and amount of protein is high. That said, my last box arrived with two containers split open, soaking the entire box in chocolate goo. Each container isn't exactly cheap and I contacted customer service last week. Had to leave a message and no response so far. So that's pretty disappointing.

  • PSV

    I use this product for nutrition so that I can get enough protein in the course of a day. I didn’t notice that this new batch that I just received, seems to not be as chocolatey as before. Even the color is paler. These are on automatic ship, so I haven’t changed anything.

  • Amazon Customer

    My husband absolutely loves the flavor of these. I'm not a huge protein drink fan, but I have tried these and they have to be one of my favorites. And buying them in bulk is so much more cost friendly then him buying them at the gym 3 days a week.

  • Mays' Healthy Lifestyle

    The media could not be loaded. As someone committed to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, I have discovered my ultimate go-to protein shake: Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Protein Shake. This convenient and delicious shake has become an essential part of my post-workout routine, providing me with the ideal blend of protein, nutrients, and great taste.The standout feature of this protein shake is its impressive protein content. With a whopping 40g of protein per serving, it delivers a substantial boost to support muscle recovery and growth. The high-quality whey blend ensures that I am fueling my body with the essential amino acids it needs after intense workouts.I am particularly pleased with the fact that Lean Body Chocolate Protein Shake contains zero sugar. It allows me to enjoy a rich and satisfying chocolate flavor without any guilt. This is especially beneficial for those who are watching their sugar intake or following a low-carb diet.The gluten-free formula of this protein shake is a bonus for individuals with specific dietary requirements or sensitivities. It ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this nutritious drink without any concerns.Furthermore, Lean Body Chocolate Protein Shake is packed with 22 essential vitamins and minerals. This makes it more than just a protein supplement—it provides additional nutritional support, ensuring that my body receives a well-rounded dose of vital nutrients.In terms of taste and texture, this protein shake truly delivers. The chocolate flavor is rich, creamy, and indulgent, making it a delightful treat to look forward to after a workout. The smooth consistency makes it easy to drink, and it doesn't leave any unpleasant aftertaste.In conclusion, Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Chocolate Protein Shake is a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. With its high protein content, zero sugar, gluten-free formula, and a delicious taste, it provides the perfect post-workout replenishment. I highly recommend this protein shake for anyone seeking a convenient and nutritious way to support their fitness goals.

  • MelissaB

    We are doing an intermittent fasting (IF) diet using low carbs when we break our fasts. We try to have no more than 25 carbs when we break our fast. We are also trying to keep the fasting window short so that the fasted period is as long as possible - We try for 20-22 fasting, but sometimes we get the hunger pangs at 16-18. Although we may lose a few hours in the fasting window, we don't break the carb rules and we are able to stay in ketosis for much longer.This drink is a game changer. It actually makes you feel "full" and it seems to make the body happy enough that it turns off the ghrelin so that you don't feel that "I just want to chew something crunchy and carb-y" feeling anymore. It will carry you on for a few more hours. Technically, yes, you will have broken the fast, but you won't have spiked your insulin because there are almost no carbs in the shake. It's a substantial shake too - we are not talking a little juice cup size here. It's enough volume and it's "thick" enough that you feel like you've had something more substantial.I have tried every flavor for these drinks. No seriously - they had a kiosk at my local grocery store and they made me try every.single.one. I tried the powder mixes too. This is a personal preference, but I've got to say, the rest of them had a..."wang" taste to them. You knew you were drinking something...off. This flavor was like drinking a pretty good glass of creamy chocolate milk - the good stuff chocolate milk. Also, the powder packets? They do not create the same flavor, texture or consistency. So Chocolate Shake does not equal Chocolate powered mix. There is an enormous difference. One you will drink willingly, happily, and even look forward to. The other, you will "grin and bear it".The prices here are much lower than my local grocery store for a pack of 12. I can pay the $36 price here or the $42 at my local grocery store so that's nearly a 15% savings. I went ahead and put them on subscribe and save so now I get each for about $31 which is easily a 26% savings. That adds up pretty quick. It drops the price per drink by a $1 each to around $2.50 per shake. Since I can't likely create a low carb quick meal that doesn't have a short shelf life for less than that, it's a savings all around.I've also noticed that if I really want to feel full when breaking my fast at the 22 hr mark, that it's best to drink one of these shakes "with" my meal. So If I'm having chicken breast and asparagus, I'll drink this shake after I finish eating. It makes me feel "very" full and the body feels completely happy. I haven't added significantly to the meal, but the body registers that it was "well-fed". You get a true "leptin" response here. I like to think that all of the extra vitamins and nutrition really play a part here too.I'm super happy with this product. Flavor, price, carb load (pretty much none), satiety...it's an awesome product.

  • Victor Garcia

    As someone who's always on the lookout for convenient yet nutritious post-workout options, I found the Lean Body Ready-to-Drink Banana Protein Shake to be a game-changer. Here's my breakdown:- Taste: The banana flavor is delicious, not artificial or overly sweet, but a pleasant and creamy banana taste that satisfies my cravings.- High Protein: With 40g of protein, this shake has become an integral part of my recovery routine. The whey blend provides a quick source of protein that helps me refuel after strenuous activities.- Zero Sugar: The fact that it's sugar-free is a big plus for me. I get all the taste without the unnecessary sugars, making it a guilt-free choice.- Gluten-Free: Being gluten-free ensures that it fits well with various dietary preferences and needs. It's a thoughtful touch that broadens its appeal.- Convenience: The ready-to-drink format is ideal for my busy lifestyle. It's perfect for on-the-go consumption, saving me time without sacrificing nutrition.Final Thoughts: Lean Body's Banana Protein Shake is more than just a protein source; it's a tasty and convenient addition to my fitness journey. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a nutritious and satisfying beverage, this shake hits all the right notes. Try it out, and you might find yourself hooked on this banana bliss in a bottle!

  • MI Mail Carrier

    Good flavor, decent price, filling as a breakfast alternative.

  • Jami Page

    Purchased through Amazon at a great value for a great protein drink and great flavor!