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Levels Grass Fed 100% Whey Protein, No GMOs, Double Chocolate, 2LB

$ 39.99 $27.99
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About this item

LEVELS WHEY PROTEIN: Each scoop of Levels Double Chocolate Whey contains 24g Protein, 5.4g BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), and no added sugars. Trusted by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and daily grinders everywhere, our whey is crafted for everyone’s lifestyle.
NOTHING FAKE: Levels Whey is naturally delicious. That means no hormones, no GMOs, no added sugars, no soy, no gluten, no bleach, no fillers, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners.
SIMPLE & CLEAN: No fake chocolate flavor here. Levels Double Chocolate Whey is made with deliciously rich cacao and lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract.
QUALITY FIRST: Quality milk tastes better, way better. That’s why grass-fed hormone-free dairy is the only dairy we use to make our whey protein concentrate. Whey concentrate is the least processed form of whey, which means it’s loaded with high-quality complete protein and essential amino acids.
MADE IN THE USA: Levels Whey Protein is made in the U.S.A. and is undenatured to protect bioactivity and naturally occurring growth factors. Each batch is cold-process microfiltered and blended with non-gmo sunflower lecithin for that insanely easy mixing you expect.

manufacturerLevels Nutrition
product_dimensions5.93 x 5.93 x 9.78 inches; 0.19 Ounces
date_first_availableApril 7, 2021

  • L.B

    This protein powder is one of the best on the market in terms of ingredients, taste and texture. I wanted to do an in-depth review of this product because I'm pretty sure there are plenty of folks like myself who are constantly looking for a healthy great tasting protein supplement without all the "junk" its made with. It's gets tiresome searching for that one protein powder that hits all the marks (including price point) and at the end of the day, you settle for the powder that has the least amount of sugar (or artificial sweeteners) for a decent price and just forget about it. As long as it tastes good and mixes well, all is good in the valley.I've had my share of trolling Amazon for that perfect powder, sometimes spending up to an an hour at a time to find one that I can live with long term. I've tried tons of different brands and some were awesome while others were not so awesome. Either way, the powders I chose had the least amount of artificial sweeteners and relatively low carbs. The taste and texture were the only elements that separated the good from the bad...that is...until I did a little more research on those "other" ingredients you usually see on labels. You know.....the ones with ingredient names that are nine syllables long and a bit of struggle to pronounce. I can honestly say, I disregarded those other ingredients for a long time as I figured they were just there to make up the composition of the powder. Never bothered with finding out what they actually were.There's one ingredient I found to be in all the powders I'd been consuming over the years that instantly changed the game for me. And that ingredient is Acesulfame Potassium (or Ace-K).This artificial sweetener is so bad for you healthwise, that it's actually banned in some countries. It's 200X sweeter than sugar and, needless to say, spikes your insulin levels ridiculously high and wreaks havoc on your liver. Consuming this ingredient (in any food product for that matter) is basically a health hazard and sadly, it's found in a majority of those "great tasting" protein powders we love, rant and rave about. This ingredient is most likely the cause of complaints I see about powders being overly sweet. I actually discarded a couple tubs of powder after discovering they both contained Acesulfame Potassium. Not this protein powder.Natural sweeteners like stevia leaf extract, monk fruit, cacao etc. are the best ingredients from a health standpoint (in my opinion). This protein powder is not candy sweet and doesn't taste what some would call "incredibly delicious" like a liquid dessert but it does offer a mild natural sweet taste that can be modified to suit your taste buds, if you prefer more sweetness. I actually prefer the mild sweet taste from the natural sweeteners because it doesn't overpower my tase buds with sugar to the point where dopemines are released and it just tastes natural, like I should be drinking this, that it was meant to be. There's a sense of comfort knowing that your protein drink is optimized for your best health. That's what this protein powder offers. Just as it says on the label "Nothing Fake. Ever"The texture is very fine, almost dust-like, so it mixes extremely well. Clumps are nonexistent. I got the Chocolate Mocha flavor and let me tell you...the mocha coffee taste is real. Mildly sweet and just a joy to drink alone with almond milk, water, mixed into a smoothie or in your coffee.Compare the ingredients of this powder to the article of ingredients you find on most other powders and ask yourself the obvious. I'll say it again, this powder is the real deal in every aspect from the cost to the texture to the taste to the ingredients. I highly recommend.The most important takeaway from this is whether you decide on this powder or another, just make sure whatever you choose doesn't contain Acesulfame Potassium. Your health will thank you later.All the best

  • Amazon Customer

    Being a nutritionist and avid weightlifter, I have a hard time finding protein powder that has very little ingredients and tastes good. I get this flavor and vanilla and use them both daily to make sure I am hitting my protein goals. This mixes well, bakes well, and blends well. I have used for years and won’t change my whey! Highly recommend!

  • Mercedes K

    Me and my husband love this protein powder because it’s very clean, and it doesn’t have a weird aftertaste. It blends super well and doesn’t get clumpy, which is a huge plus for us. The quality is great for the price. Buy this product you won’t regret it!

  • Nick Fort Worth Texas

    I like this protein powder for multiple reasons. First it is on the short list of clean whey protein powders. Read the ingredients. This company doesn’t use dyes or chemicals or anything bad. The other reason I like this product is the vast multiple flavors. When you look at the competition that is clean products which is a short list of companies. They usually only have 2-3 flavors. This company has a very nice selection and at a competitive price.Why I give it 4 stars and not 5. Only because when you mix it with water , it clumps easy. It’s takes a long time to break it down. It mixes fantastic in my smoothie in a blender or in my yogurt. No issues there. It only happens when I try to shake it in a mixer with water.But this product with confidence. Read the ingredients and compare. Look into the manufacturing process and compare. And you’ll see the difference.

  • Quailybug

    I got the unflavored so I could add any flavor I wanted to you’re not stuck with one flavor. I love that there is no aftertaste to this at all it digest easily. It’s a very fine powder so it blends easily you can mix other products with and blends easily. Highly recommend this protein powder. Nice clean ingredients will purchase.

  • AC from NJ

    Good quality protein tends to be expensive. I caught this on a Cyber Monday Week sale and after buying the 2lb containers to see If I liked them, I immediately reordered a couple of the 5lb containers for about $50. But even at the regular price of $80 for 5lbs this is not only a great value and tastes good, it is a high quality protein powder with minimal number of ingredients and it's from grass fed cows. I have 1 serving a day to up my protein intake and hit my macros.Can't go wrong with Vanilla or Double Chocolate. Would love to see a single serve packet variety pack to try all the flavors.

  • Karim

    I recently tried the Levels Grass Fed 100% Whey Protein in the Pure Chocolate flavor, and I am thoroughly impressed with its quality, taste, and overall performance. As a fitness enthusiast, I prioritize finding a protein powder that not only supports my muscle recovery but also meets my standards for clean ingredients. I can confidently say that Levels Protein checks all the boxes and more! First and foremost, the fact that this whey protein is sourced from grass-fed cows, with no added hormones, is a game-changer for me. Knowing that I'm consuming a product derived from ethically raised animals gives me peace of mind and aligns perfectly with my healthy lifestyle choices. The taste of the Pure Chocolate flavor is simply divine. It strikes a perfect balance between being rich and indulgent without being overly sweet. I genuinely look forward to my post-workout shake every day, as it feels like a treat while still delivering the protein punch I need. Texture-wise, Levels Protein mixes effortlessly in my shaker bottle. It blends smoothly, with no clumps or gritty residue. I appreciate that I can enjoy a consistently smooth and creamy shake without any unwanted aftertaste. The protein powder also dissolves easily in other recipes like smoothies or baked goods, making it versatile for incorporating into my daily routine. What truly sets Levels Protein apart is its high protein content per serving. With 24 grams of protein per scoop, it provides me with the ideal amount to support muscle recovery and growth after intense workouts. I've noticed a significant improvement in my recovery time since incorporating this protein powder into my regimen. It helps me bounce back quickly, ready for my next training session. Additionally, the fact that this product is free from artificial sweeteners, gluten, and soy is fantastic. I appreciate that Levels prioritizes delivering a clean, pure protein powder that suits a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions. Lastly, the packaging is excellent. The resealable bag keeps the powder fresh, and the scoop conveniently placed inside ensures accurate measurements with every use. Overall, I highly recommend Levels Grass Fed 100% Whey Protein in the Pure Chocolate flavor to anyone seeking a high-quality protein powder. It combines exceptional taste, clean ingredients, and impressive performance, making it an absolute winner in my book. Say goodbye to subpar protein powders and hello to a new level of excellence with Levels Protein!

  • Knscar

    The protein tasted pretty good and was super creamy with just being mixed with water. It does leave a typical artificial sweetener aftertaste in my mouth but not horrible when I mixed one scoop with 14 oz instead of 8-10 oz. I typically only have reactions to stevia that is mixed with erythritol so I was hoping this wouldn’t upset my GI. Unfortunately it did. I had extreme bloat for 24 hours on separate days (that’s how I was able to pinpoint it was the protein shake giving me issues). If you don’t have a hard time with alternative/artificial sweeteners, this protein is good :)

  • Walter Gonzalez

    Believe me when I say that I bought, not just one, but two flavors from Levels grass-fed whey protein with very high hopes after having watched several review videos on YouTube regarding their superiority over every other brand of whey protein providers out in the market as of now. I really went into it with an open mind. I mean, I really, really tried to literally last as long as I possibly could. I really wanted to like this, but I couldn't tolerate it any longer.Now, allow me to explain that scientifically, considering all the nutritive aspects of this brand of whey protein, it's as good as any other quality brand, such as Optimum Nutrition or PEScience. I have never felt or noticed any type of negative results from using Levels. Nevertheless, the problem lies in their flavors, which are absolutely unpalatable, which makes them completely undrinkable. Therefore, if a certain whey protein is excellent scientifically speaking, yet its flavor is horrendous, what good is it to a person trying to drink it as a post-workout recovery nutritional supplement? It's utterly worthless at that point. So much for the superior taste that Levels claims to have because of their exclusively grass-fed cows from which their whey protein is derived. Also noteworthy is that their powders never seem to mix very well when compared to the other two aforementioned brands. There are always huge lumps of the powder that just can’t seem to dissolve and mix into the water. I know that cold water does make mixing a bit more difficult, but I’ve never had a problem with Optimum Nutrition or PEScience. Both of them mix in perfectly when shaken by hand in a tumbler.As I have stated, scientifically speaking, the Levels brand of whey protein is just as good as any other quality brand of whey protein. They all contain, more or less, very similar ingredients and very similar proportions of each ingredient. For example, Levels contains 5.4 grams of BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) per serving (per scoop), whereas Optimum Nutrition contains 5.5 grams of BCAA’s per serving. As for the specific list of BCAA’s that each brand utilizes, Levels lists them specifically on their packaging, whereas Optimum Nutrition does not (they have actually preferred to maintain that list under secrecy), which might be some cause for concern for some people. Nevertheless, Optimum Nutrition does state on their packaging that all of their ingredients have been tested and approved to be come from clean sources, which is not the case with Levels, as I’ve noticed from a couple of reviews from auto-immunodeficient users who have had flare-ups after using Levels. This is very unfortunate and sad.Continuing with the very similar types of ingredients, it’s very important that whatever whey protein one is purchasing also contain BCAA’s, since they’re interrelated. Now, it isn’t necessary for whey protein powders to also contain BCAA’s, but they would help post-workout recovery all the more. They would especially help if the person were to workout while in a fasted state (not having eating anything prior to the workout). The reason that whey proteins don’t need BCAA’s is that whey proteins, as do all proteins, are already made up of many types of amino acids. Amino acids, as one might remember, are vital for the everyday functionality of our muscles. They’re literally the powerhouse or powder keg fuel of our muscles in their everyday functions. However, BCAA’s tend to specifically help our muscles better cope with the microtears and any other byproducts directly related to strain they’ve endured when working out, such as muscle soreness and feeling excessively tired. Therefore, my reason for saying that it’s extremely important for whey proteins to also include BCAA’s is that you’ll essentially be drinking a far more effective post-workout recovery drink. Although, beginners might not feel the difference as opposed to a more seasoned health enthusiast.The Vanilla Bean flavor was my second and very last flavor from Levels. I had previously bought a 2-lb tub of the Capuccino flavor, but it was impossible to drink even two scoops of it dissolved in 16 oz of cold water. I realize that any whey protein powder will taste much better with milk, for example, but any whey protein should taste just fine, even great, with only water, if one should so choose to drink it (I choose to drink my shakes with only water to avoid any excess or unnecessary calories, since I'm already rather heavyset and am really trying to lose weight; this also leaves out any unforeseen problems with lactose.). Unlike Levels, that's exactly what PEScience and Optimum Nutrition have proven, especially PEScience. Nearly all of their flavors are spot on, super delicious.Unfortunately, that's the not case with Levels. Their Vanilla Bean flavor tastes so nasty and disgusting, almost like some type of weird milk that's very close to spoiling. The only thought that comes to mind for comparison was the bluish milk that Luke Skywalker obtains from the alien cows in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and drinks with a grin on his face. That alone was a nasty picture, but that's exactly what I kept thinking about when I tried drinking this. Of course, this powder isn't blue, but the flavor was enough to trigger that movie scene playing out in my head.As for the Capuccino flavor tub, I had bought it back in early September 2022. I don't know how I mustered the courage, but I had brought it down to about an eighth of the tub within 7 long, torturous months of having purchased it. I finally decided to end my torture and end my affiliation with Levels permanently about two weeks ago. I threw out both flavors. The Vanilla Bean flavor was only a 1-lb bag, but I couldn't endure more than three or four 16-oz shakes. For those wondering, the Capuccino flavor tasted more like a rancid cup of caramel iced coffee or something like that. Totally nasty!As I had mentioned earlier, I choose to mix in whey protein in nothing but cold water because I’m currently engaged in a long, arduous, gradual fight to lose a significant amount of weight. Using only water is merely an extension of restricting calories and choosing healthy food, which is a full-time process. I cycle 15.7 miles three to four times a week and have lost nearly 75 lbs in 20 months. It isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. When the results begin to show, it’s an awesome feeling, and one can only ponder on all the sweat, pain, and patience that one had to endure and utilize to achieve them.I recommend trying PEScience and Optimum Nutrition instead of this garbage. I have tried Optimum Nutrition’s French Vanilla Crème, Chocolate Malt, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Ice Cream. Chocolate Peanut Butter was way too sweet and had way too much chocolate and nowhere nearly enough peanut butter flavor, so I didn’t like it. Vanilla Ice Cream was good, but the flavor wasn’t complex enough, which made it very easy to get tired of it, and that’s exactly what happened. However, both French Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Malt are totally awesome, especially the former, which mixes great and goes down very smoothly.I, then, tried PEScience’s Amazing Peanut Butter Cookie, Amazing Strawberry Cheesecake, Amazing Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and Amazing Gourmet Vanilla. The last two weren’t horrible. In fact, they were actually rather good, but they weren’t awesome. All the other ones, however, are excellent! I’m also planning on trying their Café Series Vanilla Sweet Cream and Iced Mocha flavors.I had begun using whey protein about a year ago when my workouts started weighing down on my daily performance. I started feeling excessively tired and extremely sore. That alone made me realize that I needed a supplement to help counter those effects. I had been working out for about six months. I felt almost immediate relief after taking Quest Vanilla Milk Shake whey protein. It seemed to work fine, but that flavor just wasn’t all that complex and was way too sweet, so when I finished it, I switched to Optimum Nutrition’s Vanilla Ice Cream. While that one wasn’t all that great, I stuck with Optimum Nutrition because, as I stated earlier, they do claim that their ingredients are clean-sourced. I eventually did find two of their flavors that I really like: French Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Malt. PEScience is another one with awesome flavors. Another reason for sticking with Optimum Nutrition and PEScience is that they also seem to work far better than Quest ever did. Do yourself a favor and try those instead. Avoid Levels completely. Do not buy their rancid products. You’ll be much happier, trust me.Although, go ahead and try them out. You might actually like their flavors. The way I see it, the drinkability of a product is extremely important, and from what I’ve seen, that’s not what Levels is concerned with. I give these products 1 star, but I would give zero stars if that were possible.

  • Jacob Peterson

    I'll keep it short. Everything else on the market pales in comparison to Levels, in every category. Price? This is $1 a serving, nearly unbeatable. Taste? It's not sickeningly sweet, it doesn't taste like chemicals, it's just the good, natural flavor you'd expect - regardless of which flavor you pick. It blends as good as a whey protein can blend. I could go on.This is the only whey protein I have consumed for the past year, and will be the only whey protein I will ever consume from here on out.