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Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder, Chocolate, 4.94 Pound, 32 Servings, 32g Protein, 2g Sugar, Calcium, Vitamins A, C & D, NSF Certified for Sport, Energizing Snack, Packaging May Vary

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About this item

Contains one (1) 2.47 pound cannister (about 16 servings) of Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder. Packaging may vary. Shaker bottle sold separately.
HELPS SATISFY HUNGER AND BUILD MUSCLE – Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder supplies your body with high quality protein to support post-workout recovery and muscle growth. Or try taking it to-go in a shaker bottle for an energizing on-the-go breakfast.
KEY FEATURES – Based on 1 serving, Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder contains 32g high-quality protein, 2g sugar, and an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamins A, C & D
VERSATILE AND EASY-TO-MIX – Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder dissolves easily in water; just mix 2 scoops into 8 fluid ounces of water using a shaker bottle. Shaker bottle sold separately. Also add to recipes when you are looking for a protein boost.
SCIENCE BEHIND PROTEIN – Muscle Milk Genuine provides a combination of high-quality slow releasing and fast releasing proteins to help increase amino acid levels. These essential amino acids play a role in muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
TESTED FOR BANNED SUBSTANCES – Muscle Milk Protein Powders are NSF Certified for Sport. NSF screens for more than 270 substances banned by most major athletic organizations.

product_dimensions7.9 x 7.9 x 10.9 inches; 4.94 Pounds
date_first_availableSeptember 16, 2003

  • CJ Simmons

    I love the package this small! Instead of having this massive container that you have to stick 1/2 your arm into….this container is quite small but completely full yet open enough to put your hand inside (unless you’re a big guy). You might have to dig around inside for the scoop initially.Tastes good (it is protein powder, not a milkshake after all). Two scoops with a large glass of milk in my Ninja will thicken it adding air bubbles. And once you drink that entire thing…trust me…you’re FULL! It’s definitely a meal replacement.

  • From Ohio

    This is the best tasting flavor. Much better than vanilla or strawberry. Great for those post workouts. Easy to mix in a shaker and an amazing treat with whole milk. Definitely helps the gains after the gym.

  • Sam Ferguson

    We’ve all been there before, standing in the aisle at GNC or some other supplement shop wondering which giant tub of colored chalk we were going to buy in the hopes of shoving it down our throats in return for instant He-Man like muscles and power.Well… this is it my friends. Muscle Milk is the best choice. Except, it won’t turn you into a mass monster. That’s the bad news. Building muscle takes time, and a lot of effort. (Think endless Rocky training montages for about a year or two straight…)The GOOD NEWS is that Muscle Milk doesn’t actually taste like chalk either. The taste isn't amazing... but no protein powder tastes amazing. Anybody who says so is a filthy rotten liar. :) However, it does taste good. I prefer the chocolate varieties, but none of them are bad. (A lot of protein powders make you gag. Shoot, I tried one back in high school that I literally had to add honey and chocolate syrup to in order to down the rest of the noxious powder without using it as an Ipecac replacement.)But these days I don’t have the metabolism to get away with adding in my own flavoring aids…What is really good about Muscle Milk, besides the fact that you can mix it with a spoon and actually drink it, is the fact that it is good quality and clean.I am a drug-free powerlifter (when I am not at my desk writing amazing fantasy novels…). Being clean is important not only for my competitions, but also because I am trying to set an example for my sons... all five of them! I have trusted Muscle Milk for years now, and they are my go to protein supplement maker. Period.Does it pack on slabs of rock hard muscle and instantly give you abs? Nope. I have yet to turn into He-Man. But that’s likely for the best as my wife would probably not want me gallivanting around in fur-lined briefs with a sword strapped to my back. (Neither would you, I am so white that when I take off my shirt I can be used to reflect the sun over a mile away…)This protein (and all quality proteins) does help you repair and recover after you go in and kick your can with 10 sets of 500 pound squats followed by a full body routine that would put lesser mortals in the ground.No bloat, no "other" GI issues. Decent price. Overall, go grab it- you won't be sorry. The Dragon's Champion (6 Book Series) Haymaker Adventures (3 Book Series) The Sorceress of Aspenwood (3 Book Series) The Netherworld Gate (3 Book Series) The Moon Dragon

  • Nicole Richmond

    Banana crème is where it’s at. It’s the BEST protein powder I’ve ever had. It’s my breakfast everyday. I mix it with half oat milk and half water. Personally it tastes like a liquid healthier version of banana pudding. I’ve ordered their cookies and cream and it’s okay.. tastes like those flavored cookie and cream straws you drink with milk to have “flavored milk”. Anyways the banana one is the way to go for anyone looking for a protein shake that tastes amazing. It doesn’t taste powdery or chalky like other protein shakes and blends in with things really well. My personal trainer approved and said it was best bet to helping me maintain my muscle mass especially on days that I slack off.

  • Andrea Monter

    Muscle Milk is our favorite protein powder for that "middle of the road" product. The flavors are delicious, it blends well and seems effective because my husband and I are maintaining stamina and have reduced injury. I owe it to proper fueling.

  • G.

    Although I prefer MM Gainer, the original powder is also pretty good. It tastes great with chocolate milk and mixes pretty well in a shaker bottle.


    Great taste, perfect amount of protein and lack of sugar. Affordable price in comparison to other protein powders

  • Alicia Thomas

    I was not a fan, it began to taste very chalky and the flavor stayed like that no matter what I mixed it with. The protein is really good if your using it for smoothies or something it would be good, but just the shake is not it.

  • Suze

    I have used so many different types of protein powders and hands down, Muscle Milk is by far my favorite! I use 1 scoop (recommended is 2 but I’m only 5’ and 114 lbs) every morning with vanilla low sugar almond milk and crushed ice in a shaker. I’ve been lacking in protein for a while and this brand has taken care of the issue! My favorite flavor is cookie and cream. I love Muscle Milk so much I have it on auto-delivery. Amazon has the best price of any retailer. 🙌🏽

  • B

    I used to use Muscle Milk Protein Powder back in High School or a few years after. Went from benching 225lbs 3x to 315 3x in 3 months by working out hard and taking Muscle Milk every 4 hours.20 years later, Muscle Milk is still around! So recently I start up again and give it another go. I ordered the Vanilla Crème and mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Holy cow it tastes amazing. I sincerely enjoy the taste.. I am on a super low sugar/ carb diet so maybe this has something to do with it? But wow, I’d drink it if it had no protein.. don’t hesitate, best protein shake I’ve ever had