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NAKED nutrition 5LB 100% Pea Protein Powder from North American Farms - Unflavored Vegan Pea Protein Isolate - Plant Protein Powder, Easy to Digest - Speeds Muscle Recovery

$ 57.99 $40.59
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About this item

ONLY ONE INGREDIENT: 100% Yellow Pea Protein with zero additives. Naked Pea contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors and is GMO-Free, Soy Free and Gluten-Free.
VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER: Dairy Free and made solely from raw yellow peas grown on environmentally friendly farms in both the USA and Canada.
MAXIMUM NUTRITION: 27g of Protein, 2g of Sugar, 2g of Carbs, 120 Calories, and 5.7g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) per serving.
PROTEIN SHAKES AND RECIPES: Create pure pea protein shakes, vegan smoothies and healthy green drinks. Provide your body with the daily protein it needs by adding to tea, sauces, and other recipes.
CLEAN MUSCLE GAINS: Now pea protein can help maintain a clean diet, but you can also use our vegan pea protein powder in pre and post workout shakes, smoothies and recipes for maximum recovery.

manufacturerNAKED nutrition
product_dimensions10 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches; 5 Pounds
date_first_availableSeptember 5, 2014

  • crystallized

    Did not come with a scoop inside, so that's kinda annoying. I'm just using my 1/4 measuring cup as a scoop instead. 1/4cup is basically equal to 64cc or 4tbsp, the serving size.EDIT: Found the scoop! It did have a scoop, but it was really buried down deep in the powder, even though the jar only comes half-full because of compacting down during shipping. So go digging in your powder and you'll probably find your scoop.It smells faintly of peas and it will taste like horrible pea chalk if you just eat it by itself. I strongly do not recommend putting this in water. You need to put it in a smoothie or sauce or something so you can barely taste it. I do a morning smoothie every morning: 14 cups spinach and 2 cups orange. It's a huge smoothie and I can still taste a hint of peas from behind the spinach. If you do smaller smoothies, then you might want to do 1/2 serving size so the pea taste doesn't overwhelm.I doubt many protein powders taste that good unless you dump a ton of sugar and fat into them. So don't expect "pea chalk" to taste good by itself or in a glass of water. Put it in a smoothie or something else and it should be fine, even if you can still taste a hint of peas.UPDATE:While the plain Naked Pea powder is fine, I really wanted the taste of peas to be toned down a little.... but I didn't want to add bananas or anything else to my smoothie. So I decided to try out the Vanilla Naked Pea powder. It's PERFECT. Having that bit of sugar and vanilla in the powder totally knocks down the strong pea taste and my smoothie tastes great again.I don't think you have to have the vanilla or chocolate favored version if you're putting enough stuff in your smoothie, but if you think the plain pea protein is still too strong, then definitely try out the vanilla or chocolate version. It makes such a difference.I did also try out the vanilla flavored KOS protein powder because its rated as the "best tasting" by many websites. I did NOT like it. It was 10000x times TOO sweet. It was giving me a headache and a stomach ache it was so sweet. It was so overwhelming that even with 14 cups of spinach, I couldn't taste ANY of the spinach, all I could taste was an atomic bomb level of vanilla sweetness. That is seriously strong stuff to be able to overwhelm all of that spinach in my smoothie.So I'm definitely sticking with Vanilla Naked Pea. Just a bit of sweetness to make it pleasant and hide the pea taste without giving me atomic bomb levels of sweetness that literally cause stomach aches and headaches and make it impossible to taste anything else in your smoothie.I do NOT recommend putting plain Naked Pea in water to drink. Definitely need to put it in a smoothie or something else. But you might be able to put the Vanilla or Chocolate version of Naked Pea in water and be OK. It really does knock down almost all of the pea flavor, so the main thing you're tasting is vanilla or chocolate, even in plain water.

  • faye dupras

    I’ve purchased unsweetened pea protein from many different companies and they are all pretty much the same. I agree with reviewers that the taste is bland. Pea protein when unsweetened is. It’s like brown rice - healthy but waiting for something to be added into it to make it special. I put the powder in my morning fruit smoothies. It flattens out the sweetness a bit but I really love it that way.Synopsis - If you are looking for a protein powder that’s a sweat tasty treat this isn’t it. But if you want a sugar free plant based protein at a good price point, it is.

  • Anthoni Ahnen

    I recently tried Naked Pea Protein and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The taste is mild and not overpowering, which makes it a great addition to smoothies and shakes without altering the flavor too much. I appreciate that it's made with just one ingredient and is free from additives and sweeteners. It mixes well and doesn't clump, which is a plus. Overall, I would recommend Naked Pea Protein to anyone looking for a high-quality, simple, and effective plant-based protein powder.

  • Kevin Mena

    One Ingredient wonder. I LOVE the naked nutrition brand for this Alone. It’s not going to taste the best. But you blend it with ONE banana are you DEEP in the clear. Such a rich smoothie. And ofcourse I love that when you don’t have a blender. With a fork and big cup you can get it grainless enough to drink. I have been drinking this powder for about 3 years and even enjoy the flavor at this point xD. Acquired taste and all.

  • Josiah McGuckin

    Younger me used to be able to eat/drink dairy without any issues. Heading out of my 30s, I've found myself suddenly dealing with bloating/gas/GI irritation any time I have dairy. I am a pretty active person, running 4-5x a week and doing strength training at least 2-3x a week. I don't always feel like I'm getting enough nutrition (particularly on the protein front) from my food, so I've been supplementing with various protein powders during my adulthood in hopes of making sure my body has what is needed to rebuild after my workouts. I used to bank on whey protein as my go-to, since it contains the full spectrum of essential amino acids - but it's not getting along with my gut any more, so I've been on the hunt for an alternate full-spectrum protein powder that wouldn't give me the same digestive trouble.Enter Naked's pea protein. I had experimented with some vegan protein powders previously, including Spirutein (which is tasty but crazy expensive) and Orgain - which, again, is tasty and mixes well but has gotten very expensive. When you enter vegan protein territory, you kind of by default have to accept that there's going to be some graininess or texture to it. But I will say, considering Naked Pea Protein is literally just ground-up peas (at least the plain kind I've been buying), its texture is fantastic and borderline smooth. It mixes up great in DF milk or even just water, and it doesn't have an overly strong vegetable flavor, so it can be easily mixed into fruit-based smoothies without making them taste weird. I initially tried the vanilla-flavored version of this protein before realizing I could eke just a little more protein out of two scoops while switching to adding my own sweetener (which typically ends up being stevia and/or raw honey) to taste, and I have it on regular delivery now. I think the only "con" about this protein is that it's missing literally only one of the amino acids you'll find in whey protein, I believe methionine. But I still eat plenty of animal-based foods that include it, so I'm not too worried about it when the net result of taking this protein as a supplement is that I'm getting >25g of overall extra protein in my diet.That said, if you're looking for a smooth, non-grainy protein powder that mixes well and doesn't taste funky, and you're put off by how expensive whey protein has gotten over the last several years, I'd highly recommend giving this stuff a shot. It takes some adjustment if you're coming from whey, but if you're open-minded, you can't go wrong with it!

  • TJ

    What is perfection in a protein powder?1). Excellent Price;2). No Issues With Taste3). Clean pertaining to heavy metals issue;4). Fantastic amount of protein per serving;5) Low in calories;6). Blendable;7). Non-chalky textureI love this protein powder for all of the above reasons. I purchased the neutral one to give it a try and the price was definitely in my budget compared to all the other fancy-pansy protein powders on the market laden with who knows what (as far as heavy metals are concerned).I blended it with just water, 1/2 tbsp of Stevia and 1/2 tbsp pure unsweetened cocoa powder. It mixed smoothly. No, it doesn’t taste like your fat prominent, sugar-filled diabetic inducing McDonald’s milkshake, but there is absolutely nothing discerning about the taste of this clean, neutral-tasting product. It is also the type of product to which one can add fruit or anything desired, and it will take on the taste of the added products (which is a plus!); this is because, despite other questionable reviews, this does NOT taste like peas or vegetables of any kind. At worst, it simply tastes like nothing. Thus, you can make it take on ANY taste desired by adding whatever you wish- or not.My opinion only: Perhaps this protein powder is not for the sugar spoiled pallets of the world- or even those not totally dedicated to good, clean health. But for me, this is a perfect product (which hopefully will not be altered for picky tongues), which I will continue to purchase.Thank you!

  • Damnenx

    This is truly the worst tasting protein powder I've ever had. After seeing several reviews complaining about the taste, I opted to get the unflavored so I could mix it in stuff. I'm so glad I opted to only buy the small container. I've tried it in yogurt, smoothies, mixed it into some banana muffins. No matter what you add it to, the protein powder remains the predominant taste.Smoothie of orange juice and mango with this powder? You'd never know there was anything but the powder. The flavor is probably what you'd get if you blended a bag of peas with the lid of an old cardboard box.Chocolate soy milk with this powder? Don't waste your soy milk, it'll taste the same as if you'd mixed this powder and water.You'll lose weight bc the flavor will linger in your mouth so long, you just won't want to eat anything else.I tried breaking up the scoops into 2 different things a day, but I just couldn't suffer through that. Maybe if I mix it into 32oz of liquid? But that may be worse than the 2 meals.If you don't have taste buds. This is a great product.

  • BiiBii

    Why this protein for me? I can't have whey due to lactose intolerance. I can only digest specific vegan proteins powders so i dont get extreme loating and discomfort. Anyways , i like being in control of my flavoring and sugar intake. I also hate artificial sweetness. Pointless imo. These reviews are so dramatic. Unless your protein powder is loaded with sugars and sweetness, it's going to not taste phenomenal. Also, who thinks they can return used opened food?!?! Bhahaha. I buy the unflavored pea protein and I MIX IT WITH MY GREENS POWDER. Taste is totally fine and also great if you add in some orange juice or a probiotic shot! No issues. Also see ppl complaining about grittiness. Mix it with warm or a little hot water to help dissolve the powder and it is smoothe as can be! This also reduces foaming. As we know, foaming is common with rapidly mixing most forms of protein powder lol. WHY NOT FIVE STARS? I started taking this protein powder as a meal replacement for lunch / breakfast to increase my protein intake without increasing my calorie consumption. I wanted to increase fat burn. Anyways, somehow I've gained 4+ lbs since taking this protein powder. My weight is always stable and has never gone this high before. I used to take hemp protein before and did not have this problem, switched since I wanted something less costly. Not sure how this made me gain weight since my caloric intake remained the same as well as level of activity. Perhaps water retention? OTHERWISE AN AWESOME PROTEIN POWDER for those who want to be in control of flavoring and cannot have whey. You just need to figure out the best mixing methods for your liking. So many other dramatic over the top nonsensical reviews here hahaha.

  • Taylor

    Most, if not all, of the negative reviews about this product are focused on the flavor. I would like to encourage those who are serious about their health journey to overlook these negative reviews. When it comes to consuming products that are beneficial for your body, flavor should be a secondary concern. The primary focus should be on the effects the product has on your body.Personally, I mix a variety of powders together that may not taste great, but I just chug them down. Over time, you develop a tolerance for substances that have unusual or bitter flavors, knowing that they are aiding your health makes them much more tolerable. If you're seeking something that tastes good, you might be considering the wrong product or purchasing it for the wrong reasons, in my opinion.

  • Rich

    The chocolate flavor is fine, but it is not very sweet at all. That can be a plus and a minus depending on what you use it for. It tastes fine to me. I choose Naked because it is low-sodium relative to many other brands. I like the flavor of NOW pea proteins a bit more but there is about 4X as much sodium.