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Orgain Organic Protein + Superfoods Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge - 21g of Protein, Vegan, Plant Based, 6g of Fiber, No Dairy, Gluten, Soy or Added Sugar, Non-GMO, 2.02 Lb

$ 27.99 $19.59
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About this item

New look and label, same great product. Includes 1 (2.02 pound) Orgain organic protein & superfoods creamy chocolate fudge plant based protein powder
Combined benefits of protein and superfoods: 21 grams of organic plant based protein (pea, brown rice, and chia seeds), 10 grams of organic dietary fiber, and only 1 gram of sugar in each serving. 50 organic superfoods per scoop
Vegan, USDA organic, dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, soy free, non GMO, doctor developed
Our organic superfoods blend includes organic veggies, herbs, greens, grasses, berries, fruits, sprouts, and ancient grains. Good source of food based vitamin B6 and C, iron, riboflavin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid
Ideal for healthy, on the go nutrition for men, women, and kids. These are great for an antioxidant boost, weight management, meal replacement drinks, a breakfast shake, smoothies, building lean muscle, muscle recovery, and pre or post workouts

product_dimensions5.15 x 5.15 x 8.7 inches; 2.02 Pounds

  • Michael Nguyen

    I recently ventured into the world of plant-based nutrition, and the Orgain Organic Protein + Superfoods Powder in Creamy Chocolate Fudge has become an absolute game-changer for me. As a fitness enthusiast with a keen eye for quality ingredients, this product hits all the right notes.First and foremost, the flavor is divine. Creamy Chocolate Fudge is not only rich and indulgent but also surprisingly smooth for a plant-based protein powder. It blends seamlessly into my shakes and smoothies, creating a delightful treat that satisfies my sweet tooth without compromising on nutritional value.Speaking of nutrition, the protein content is impressive at 21g per serving. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to boost their protein intake, whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or someone simply aiming for a more balanced diet. The fact that it's plant-based and vegan is a major plus, catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences.What sets this product apart is the addition of superfoods to the mix. The inclusion of organic fruits and veggies adds a nutritional punch that goes beyond basic protein supplementation. It's like having a mini-nutrient powerhouse in every scoop. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of Orgain in creating a product that not only supports protein needs but also contributes to overall wellness.Mixing and blending are a breeze, and the powder dissolves smoothly without any gritty texture. It's versatile enough to be used in various recipes, from shakes to baking, allowing for creativity in incorporating it into my daily meals.The organic certification is a big selling point for me. Knowing that I'm putting clean, responsibly sourced ingredients into my body gives me peace of mind. It's evident that Orgain is committed to delivering a product that aligns with the values of health-conscious consumers.In conclusion, Orgain Organic Protein + Superfoods Powder in Creamy Chocolate Fudge has become my go-to protein supplement. It combines exceptional taste with a robust nutritional profile, making it a standout in the crowded market of protein powders. If you're on the lookout for a plant-based option that delivers on both flavor and quality, this one is a winner. Five stars well deserved!

  • Lauren Hudson

    Orgain’s Organic Protein + Superfoods Powder has become my go-to for a nourishing and delicious daily boost. The combination of organic protein and a variety of superfoods creates a powerhouse of nutrition. I’m impressed by the smooth texture and great taste, making it an enjoyable addition to my morning routine. The fact that it’s low in sugar and high in fiber aligns perfectly with my health goals. I love the convenience of getting both protein and essential nutrients in one product. Orgain continues to impress with its commitment to quality ingredients. Highly recommend for those seeking a convenient and wholesome protein and superfoods blend!

  • Mamita's Mama

    I use this as part of my coffee concoction in the morning. 2 cups of coffee, oat milk, a banana and agave (in a blender). I can really tell the difference in the days that I don't use it. This fills me up and helps me get the protein I need to get through the day. I switch off between the chocolate and plain, depending on which coffee I am using. Some times I just use oat milk and water instead of coffee. Both blend fine and taste good. I don't really get the aftertaste that a lot of protein powders have, plus this one also has 50 superfoods! Win-win!

  • E. P.

    Honest review here. I bought this for working out and its not that bad. I do taste a little artificial sugar in it though in the back of my throat (aftertaste). I can kinda tolerate it but I dont like the taste of artificial sugar at all (that sucralose taste). If you dont like the taste at all then I wouldnt buy it.

  • Alexa's Wine Diary

    This is always a great protein for shakes or quick post-workout sip. It keeps me full and mixes well.

  • Barbie1320

    I love how they taset most of all. they mix well too. I've shared this product with many people

  • Soundbuy

    Just saw a recall issued, the details was for unclaimed sesame seed. Thankfully I'm lucky and have no known food allergies. But know food allergies is nothing to trifle with and can be very serious.I have been using this exact flavor for over a year and have had no issues and do enjoy using the product for smoothies and have made desserts like ice cream and ice smoothies with.Given that it is a protein blend it does lend a slight protein powder blend taste, but it that is when you use the powder straight and nothing else added, other than dairy, or nut milk. The flavor is still great.With added fruit and sweetener, it's easily masked.I will boost the chocolate with adding extra cocoa powder and it really enhances the chocolate flavor.As I've said, I've made ice cream and ice smoothies with and it's a great treat. I don't feel as guilty knowing it's added benefits.I'll also boost the benefits with adding other powder blends, fruits, raw honey, splash of apple cider vinegar, or add fiber with oats or granola.I just wanted to make a review after seeing the recall that I've had no issues with this, but anyone that does have food allergies to be very careful and perhaps follow the recall instructions until you know for sure it's safe.

  • Zee Q.

    My favorite flavored protein powder of all! Doesn’t leave my stomach irritated or extremely bloated. Has the best taste ever! I mix it with berries, milk, yogurt and make a smoothie and also mix it into my cold latte, and into hot chocolate. And sometimes I mix it into my ice cream. It’s not chalky or gritty. And a great value here.

  • Heisenberg

    This protein is very light, I use it with vanilla almond unsweetened milk. It helps curb my appetite for few hours, taste good, I know this is uncommon but I love having some of the powder unmixed it just taste so good and I keep buying this particular flavor for this! I like it more than the sugar free one btw!

  • BigBoy

    This product is a good vanilla taste with a mix of cinnamon in it. I mix it with two shots of espresso and 12 ounces of hot water. It has no problems mixing with other drinks. Really good flavor.