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Shop / packaged cured ham slices

Petite Country Ham 3-4 Pounds

$ 67.99 $47.59
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About this item

Virginia's Finest salt cured Virginia Country Ham. The best ham you will ever taste. Compare to Smithfield or Edwards brands. Great Every Day Ham & Wonderful Gift for All Occasions!
Boneless, 3-4 lbs already cooked, Ready to Serve. Ships Well, Shelf -life 10 days non-refrigerated, 8 Weeks Refrigerated, 6+ months Frozen
Great alone, with cheese, on sandwiches & biscuits, in soups, salads, pastas, omelettes, and potatoes
Salt Dry Cured Local. Perfect Petite Ham for Easter, Christmas,Thanksgiving, New Year's, Every Day & Entertaining Ham. If Whole Ham is not available, Please consider the Virginia Gourmet Country Ham Slices.
If you desire the ham to be delivered before Christmas, we suggest you order before December 6th

manufacturerVirginia Gourmet
product_dimensions6 x 6 x 10 inches; 3 Pounds

  • kazucat

    We've bought the Smithfield Country Ham for years (and years and years). We made the required transition to the full leg, though it was much too large for our needs. Well, Smithfield has made getting their ham quite difficult and expensive, so we went looking for an alternative. THIS FITS THE BILL! Slightly moist-by-dry, very salty (as it should be), and very easy to slice super thin. Boneless and large enough for several parties, I would definitely purchase again. I am relieved and grateful.

  • Dale A Roberts

    The ham was the protein centerpiece of a small Thanksgiving dinner. I removed the ham from the cryovac and all looked normal. This ham is labeled as cooked and ready to eat but I wanted to heat it up for service. I carefully wrapped it in foil and heated it at 325 degrees for approximately 50 minutes. Using a IRT, I "temped" it and it was right at 135 degrees. Placed it on the cutting board and let it rest for about 5 -10 minutes. Placed it flat end down and prepared to slice it for service. As per directions, I was attempting to slice very thin. As the heated ham started to cool it also started to unravel? It did not appear to be a whole part of shank meat. It completely separated and left a small piece of ham in the center while the remainder unwrapped into a flat piece of meat. I apologize for not taking a picture but I was still believing all was well. Slicing across the grain as best I could and it was still a fatty mess. I managed to get a few pieces ready for service and I decided to taste test a smaller piece off the cutting board. Terrible taste and too salty to be palatable. I served it. I should have pitched it. In the trash. I "chunked up" the remainder (which was about 75% of the ham) and decided to use it for ham soup. (Yeah, a darn expensive soup at over sixty bucks for the ham!) I'm only now reviewing this because the ham also ruined ham and Navy bean soup. I had never experienced a failure to make ham soup out of leftovers prior to this! There was zero amount of water I could've added to my soup to save it. A total holiday disappointment for sure.

  • Katie C.

    We ordered this ham for Christmas dinner to honor my husband’s grandma (born and raised is Virginia) who always made country ham for the holidays. He said it was as close as we could get to her ham and took him down memory lane. All of our guests loved it as well, even tho they weren’t used to the saltiness of a true Virginia ham. The quality, flavor and tenderness of the meat was great. Will definitely order again and will be our new Christmas tradition!

  • Carol Olson

    I have missed Virginia ham like my aunt made. This satisfied my craving. It was kind of hard to slice because it had smaller pieces also. I sliced it thinly and made some for now and later. It is ready to eat. It’s salty as I remember. It’s about the size of a small chicken. Smells as it should 🧐 I’m happy with it🙂This is not for a holiday dinner. If you have never had this kind of ham it might not be for you. Different texture and tast from the run of the mill ham.

  • Angel Collector

    Country ham is cured w salt, Not smoked like the hams most people r familiar with. You have to know what to expect. This is the taste & flavor I was expecting, w/o all the hassle of cutting off the exterior mold & soaking to remove some the salt & changing out the water before placing in the roaster. This was great! Will buy again next time I want a country ham.

  • The Gray Fox

    Too expensive for the quality of the product. Became rancid much to quickly. This may have been my fault. I was expecting a dry, salt cured Virginia ham that would stand up for an extended period of time.

  • Linda Baker

    Keeps in fridge. Slicing pieces for different uses for 2 peoples dinners. 30 miles from Grocery store. Like having a deli next door.

  • Andrew Risso

    I was expecting a true Southern Ham taste and unfortunately this one fell short. I've had Southern Ham pretty much all my life, especially when I drover truck. I always loved my runs to the south. When I retired is was left up to buying them from Cracker Barrell or Waffle House in the South to get that true salty flavor.Unfortunately I was disappointed on this purchase because it came nowhere close to the true salty flavor that you'd expect when you pull it off the griddle and lay it next to 3 fired eggs.

  • Carl

    This ham was every thing I expected and more. Delicious product.

  • Joanie Lawson Maughan

    My son removed to LA and has genuinely felt the separation from ♡♡♡Virginia Counrty Ham (mot our Border Collie, not his Mom & Dad ~ friends) and requested to please send some ham. He now calls this Hamazon ~ never thought true VA ham would be available. The reviews have been 'best ham ever Mom!!! Who knew?? Hamazon has never failed to amaze me ~ delivering on Christmas eve by 11am what I purchased at 4amA desperate last minute gift for the young man who has 'almost ' everything 💖 digital binoculars that work with all devices 🙂