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Protein Smoothie, Real Fruit, 12g Protein, Low Carb, Zero Added Sugar, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Super Fruits Variety Pack, 12 Count

$ 39.99 $27.99
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About this item

2X PROTEIN VS SUGAR: Low carb, 12g whey protein isolate and naturally sweetened with real fruit blends
WHAT TO EXPECT: Yogurt-like taste and texture; sometimes protein binding with fruit can result in some lumpiness - this is can result when using clean ingredients and 12g whey protein isolate.
HEALTHY ON-TH-GO OPTION: You can leave your protein powder at home and sugar loaded drinks behind with this healthy fruit & protein smoothie pouch for adults, kids, and all occasions; no refrigeration is needed
BALANCED NUTRIENTS: Includes mct oil (healthy fats) for balanced nutrition and quick-burning sustained energy
HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Gluten-free, soy-free, and non-gmo ingredients
CLEAN NUTRITION: Zero added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors or colors
A PERFECT PROTEIN SNACK: A smooth consistency that tastes great; a perfect alternative to ready-to-drink protein drinks and protein bars
PALEO & KETO DIET FRIENDLY: Designer Smoothies are made with paleo-friendly pure whey protein isolate free of gluten, hormones, & antibiotics; plus mct oil to help support a ketogenic lifestyle

manufacturerDesigner Protein, LLC
product_dimensions7.2 x 8.3 x 6.75 inches; 3.65 Pounds

  • Lisa G

    I like the convenience of these when I want more protein but don't want to eat something. At first, I wasn't real crazy about the flavors, but they've grown on me. One of them tasted like MCT oil, but if you squish the pouch a lot before ingesting it will help. They are somewhat chunky even after squishing the pouch - I think it depends on the flavor. If there is pineapple in it you can rest assured there are going to be chunks. I store mine the refrigerator. I don't think they would be very good at room temperature. I continue to buy these because they're super convenient and the taste is good to me.

  • Meemz

    I started going to the gym late at night and needed something to give me energy but not too much that I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. These lil pouches do just that! I drink one at home and by the time I get to the gym, I can feel the energy and motivation kicking in! I understand other reviews stating they’re chunky, but I’m pretty sure the seller stated those are fruit chunks inside the pouches. They taste fine to me, so I’m not bothered by it. The taste is a bit off, I will say, they don’t taste exactly how I thought they would and they may even be an acquired taste. I got the one with pineapple in it because I love the mixed berry flavor that comes with it. I DESPISE pineapple but, surprisingly, these smoothies were tolerable for me. Then again, I’ll eat almost anything and not complain. So if you’re sensitive to textures or tastes, this may not be the best purchase for you. If you’re looking for some quick, healthy energy without all the calories, this is it!

  • andrea

    I'm not really a smoothie liker to begin with but I've been looking for various ways to supplement a meal throughout the day and started looking into powders/premade, etc.I read the reviews extensively so I knew these would be hit or miss. I took the gamble and It's 100% a miss.When they arrived I put a couple in the fridge, thinking regardless, they would probably taste better cold. Considering the reviews that mentioned this being "chunky" I squished the bag all up for a solid minute.As soon as I popped the top off and started squeezing, I knew I had made a terrible mistake. I had to wipe away the initial amount that came out of the opening because it looked like tan, curdled, goopy wood glue?I absolutely did not want to go any further but I was invested. I squeezed a bit more out ( this was slightly more smoothie-ish looking now ) and gave it a lick. Yes, a lick. Not a drink. You can't drink this. If you cut the top off, and squeezed it into a glass, it would be like using the cheese packet from Velveeta Shells & Cheese ( which I would legit rather drink) It's super thick, it's grainy - Mixed Berry flavor = rotten bananas and what I imagine a dead worm would taste like.Don't waste your money unless you are some sort of pervert with an old fruit fetish.I'm going to give the rest away on one of my local neighborhood facebook pages with a fair warning and pray that hate crimes are not committed against me.

  • Dominique Le Blu

    The Designer Wellness Protein Smoothie is a product that I initially purchased to supplement my grandmother's diet during her recovery from weekly dialysis sessions. While she didn't enjoy the taste due to her preference for familiar flavors and textures, I found value in this product and chose not to discard it. Instead, I discovered a personal use for it that has been highly beneficial.This protein smoothie boasts impressive qualities, including its 12g protein content, low carb profile, and zero added sugar. As someone who is health-conscious and strives to incorporate additional protein into my diet, this product has become a valuable addition to my post-workout routine. The smoothies mix seamlessly into my shakes, providing an extra protein boost to support my fitness goals.What sets this smoothie apart is its commitment to quality ingredients. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and free from artificial colors and flavors. This reassures me that I am consuming a product that aligns with my health-conscious lifestyle.While my grandmother found the texture thicker than she preferred and wished it resembled yogurt more closely, I believe the Designer Wellness Protein Smoothie still holds significant nutritional value. Its protein content and overall beneficial ingredients make it a worthy addition to a well-rounded diet.In conclusion, the Designer Wellness Protein Smoothie offers a versatile nutritional boost that can be incorporated into various dietary routines. Despite my grandmother's aversion to the taste and texture, I have personally benefited from its protein content and quality ingredients. If you're seeking a convenient and nutritious protein option, this variety pack is worth considering. Remember, individual taste preferences may vary, but the health benefits and ease of integration into different recipes make it a noteworthy product.

  • Margo

    The texture is lovely and creamybut the flavors are extremely mild, not fruity enough, so unfortunately, the Coconut Oil leaves an oily overpowering after taste! And a greasy feel in your mouth, eww.Sorry they are way too high priced to be Yuck. I will not purchase again.

  • Tee Ann

    I love the convenience and taste of these. A friend turned me onto it and he takes them while traveling which is such a smart idea. He usually has 2 and I vary between 1-2 if I'm trying to stretch out consumption. I also find myself grabbing one out of the fridge (I like them cold) for convenience but I try not to do that too often since it is a bit pricey and I can make or consume a more involved protein supplement at home. I've added this to my subscriptions!


    I was hopeful to have found a product that I could stomach, that would give me more options but I do not like them at all!I figured I would take the chance, but now I am trying to figure out what I was thinking as they are expensive too! It just stinks to realize you spent money on something you will not end up using. I don't know if I can return the rest, but I doubt it since it's "food" and everything. They just have this really strange flavor... it is sort of ab after taste, or maybe a " just as you are swallowing" taste, but initially, when you first sip it, it's not bad. The consistency is fine, smooth 👌 but once it hits those taste buds on the back of your tongue... its just gross.* customer service returned my money just from this review, so that was AWESOME 👌

  • Krystal Hayes

    I get my protein in easily and they taste good too!

  • Sheila

    Ok taste but wow is this convenient. Took it on a business trip and was perfect to have handy at an all day convention. Packed well and the taste is just a tad too sweet for me but worth it for the protein & ease.

  • Jessy

    So finding high protein sources that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and isn’t disgusting (yo everyone’s tastebuds are different and heck mine aren’t even the same just after the surgery everything is different)But this item while a bit chalky or powdery aftertaste feeling the item itself isn’t bad and if eaten slowly but steadily (for those after surgery) it’s not half bad and you get used to it