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Very High Calorie Vanilla Nutritional Drink – 22g Protein, 530 Nutrient Rich Calories, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 24)

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About this item

Because it provides 530 calories in a small volume, its consistency is thicker than other nutritional drinks. We recommend BOOST VHC drinks are chilled over ice for those that prefer a less thick drink. We recommend to sip slowly over time.
BOOST Very High Calorie (VHC) is the highest calorie BOOST drink providing 530 nutrient-rich calories, 22 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals per 8 fl oz serving.
Very High Calorie: BOOST Very High Calorie is a calorically-dense and nutrient packed nutritional drink and can be used as a snack or mini meal for those with low appetites; Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, & Chocolate flavors.
Nutrient-Packed: BOOST Nutritional drinks provide protein, vitamins, and calories to help boost energy; BOOST nutrition with complete nutritional drinks, like BOOST Very High Calorie and Kid Essentials
BOOST family of nutritional shakes: Whether you want extra protein, less sugars, more calories, fewer calories, or simply great nutrition for everyday living, there's a BOOST Nutritional Shake that fits your needs

product_dimensions12.2 x 8.5 x 5.6 inches; 0.01 Ounces
date_first_availableJuly 1, 2021

  • Red M.

    So… I’m a man, early 30’s, physically active and at a healthy weight. I work very long hours and hate cooking. I try to meal prep, but end up dropping the ball on that a lot because I’d simply rather relax when I get the chance.It’s hard for me to gain weight. I tend to under eat or at least under eat good sources of protein.These little calorie bombs are an easy breakfast, and a great way to help me get enough calories and protein in the day to stay functional. The taste isn’t bad at all, and they’re easy to get down because they’re only 8 oz.Before these, I was way more likely to succumb to gas station snacks or fast food. These aren’t a complete substitute for real, healthy meals but they are quite a bit healthier than candy, corn dogs or chips.They’re just a glucose syrup, canola oil, casein and soy protein bomb with added vitamins. And they’re quite a bit cheaper for the macros vs the Soylent shake bottles, which was my previous go-to. I mix in Soylents for variety but I drink at least one of these Boost shakes every day now.

  • Christopher Ehrhorn

    After surgery I lost a significant amount of weight. This drink is very effective in helping healthy weight gain. I have only had the chocolate flavor and I think it tastes great ! It is also a great source of protein and essential vitamins. A little pricey but but you definitely get what you pay for with this product. I highly recommend !

  • Deb H

    I am undergoing radiation to my head and can only drink fluids - I need 1500 -2000 cals a day. I have been drinking 3 x day and I am maintaining my weight. Taste isn't bad even non refrigerated. The texture is a little thick but it's not too bad. If you need additional calories this drink is definitely the way to go. My only gripe is the expense.

  • Khalil Burton

    I drank these throughout my mid-20s. As someone who has a very high metabolism, I drank these calorie drinks as a way for me to keep my calorie count up between meals. The flavor tastes a little artificial but it's fine. After drinking one a day for a while they get a little dull but they really do their job. They're also a little on the sugary side to be drinking every day.Tips:They make a great base for smoothies. I'd grab some blueberries or a frozen bag of mixed berries and whip them up in this as a quick smoothy and a way to get some extra vitamins, fruit, and keep the beverage fresh and interesting. For the price, they are one of the better high-calorie drinks. Whether it's for senior adults or younger people trying to keep their calorie intake up.Tips:never drink it warm. They are thick (which is great for those with issues swallowing) but just taste gross warm. Be sure to keep them chilled.

  • Alexis

    These are really good for helping in my weight gain process. It’s a small shake but over 500 calories which is impressive. The strawberry flavor is really good and doesn’t taste really artificial like it sometimes can in other products. Definitely will buy again

  • Madison Summers

    This is my second time ordering this product (which I now have it come as a monthly subscription) I’ve always been super skinny, easy for me to lose weight without trying.. I assume from a fast metabolism. But the first time I used this product was when I was breastfeeding. I was quite literally withering away before these as I had a huge oversupply on top of how easily I lose weight anyways. And I kept the weight on! Fast forward and no longer breastfeeding but I am getting small again. I eat my regular meals and snacks throughout the day and once I have all those calories in my body I drink one of these! Extra boost in calories for the day. I know some people use it for meal replacement but for my case, I need as many calories as I can get. I’ve seen some people complain about the taste but if u put it in the fridge it taste fine! But I also chug mine in 15 seconds. That’s how fast you can get the extra protein and caloric boost! 15SECONDS. Excited to gain weight and be more confident in myself again. No other methods have worked for me. Beyond happy I found these

  • Amazon Customer

    I bought these for my mom. She’d been sick and lost a lot of weight. Her Dr. suggested these because of their high calorie content. According to the doctor and based off our experience, these cannot be found in stores, and are sold only online. She drinks these on a consistent basis and likes the taste.

  • Telcomlady

    Husband loves these high calorie drinks. He said they taste really good will order again.

  • AB

    I have used this several times to try to gain 10 lbs or so. I weigh train and have a metabolism that is very fast so gaining weight is not easy. These help tremendously. To me the chocolate flavor is the best. The vanilla upsets my stomach - something the chocolate doesn’t do. The taste is okay. I’ve ,earned the easiest way to drink this is to dilute it with water. I usually do a 50:50 dilution with water. I drink it with my breakfast. This is far better than any weight lifting supplements. If you find you don’t like the taste try adding the water and it should be easier to drink as it is less thick and you still get all the calories.

  • KB

    Received a box at a medical appointment to try this drink. We had never heard of this high calorie option. I include one of these a day in addition to plus to help with weight gain and have had success. It is a little thick, so I serve over ice. Amazon order is quick(about 4 days for my location). I cannot find at any of my local stores. Amazon had best price at my time of online shopping for it.